CALL 2024



Bando di concorso 40mo ciclo – anno accademico 2024/2025

Call for applications 40th cycle -academic year 2024/2025


Admission to the PhD will depend on qualifications assessment and interview. Candidates can take the interview in English and/or via videoconference. The videoconference must be requested by selecting the appropriate option in the online application procedure (see art. 5 of this Call for applications). Candidates’ knowledge of English will be verified during the interview.


Up to 10 points are assigned upon assessment of each candidate’s qualifications, as follows:

  1. arithmetic mean of the scores obtained in the exams taken during the candidate’s degree courses (up to 4 points); the candidate needs to self-declare such information;
  2. curriculum vitae et studiorum (up to 2 points);
  3. scientific publications (up to 2 points);
  4. research project in Italian or English (max 3000 words), related to the PhD research themes. The project will have to be structured according with the form below (up to 2 points).

The qualifications must be submitted according to the procedure indicated in art. 5, para. 3 of this call for applications. The minimum score to be admitted to the interview is 6/10. The results of the qualifications assessment will be published online no later than august 26, 2024. The results will be posted on the noticeboard of the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences and in the Personal Area of the candidate in the University website. This can be accessed using the login information provided at the end of the registration procedure.


September 3, 2024 at 9:00 (CET) – Aula 1.3, Campus Salute, Viale Golgi 19, Pavia (inside Policlinico San Matteo)How to reach the meeting room. The interview will assess the main topics covered by the PhD course and in particular the research project submitted by the candidate. However, the submitted research project will not be limitative, in case the candidate is admitted onto the PhD course. Candidates who requested to take the interview via videoconference will be informed by the Committee about the date and time of the interview. Before the interview, candidates will be asked to show the same valid identity document whose details were entered during the application procedure. The University of Pavia does not take any responsibility for a candidate’s failure to take the interview due to technical difficulties.


The project is a personal elaboration written by the candidate and will be discussed in depth during the PhD examination. The project may be written in English or Italian using Times New Roman 11, line spacing 1,15. Tables, schemes and figures may be incorporated. Do not exceed the size indicated for each section. Please use this form to complete project writing.



 Research topics and theme to which the project is related

[Specify to which RESEARCH TOPIC and THEME this project is related by selecting among those listed above]


[The title should concisely report the main issue addressed by the project – an acronym could also be added]

Name of candidate


“Herewith I declare that this project is a personal elaboration and was not anyhow copied or written by others.”

Your faithfully,
[Candidate signature]


[This section should not exceed 3000 words or 4 pages. Approximate maximum size per section is indicated]


[Reported from previous page]

 Background and Rationale 

[Explain the scientific background and the rationale of the project, adding a few references if needed. About 800 words]


[Explain the main and the secondary aims of the project. About 400 words]


[Explain the experimental and theoretical methods used in the project. About 800 words]

 Plan and timetable 

[Explain how the project will be developed and articulated during the 3 years of the PhD. About 400 words]

 Project outcome and impact 

[Explain the expected outcome and impact of the project. About 400 words]